Vaquero Bean
Vaquero Bean

Vaquero Bean

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A classic chili bean that holds its shape through long, slow, cooking  and exudes a generous, dark, rich broth. 

Suggestions: Chili, salads, soups, casseroles, dips, pot beans

A really lovely cousin to the Anasazi bean, Vaquero have intriguing black and white markings, not unlike an appaloosa horse might don. The flavor is somewhat like the Anasazi but it's a little lighter. The real fun is the inky, black pot liquor. It looks cool and tastes great.

Vaqueros are what we suggest when customers are looking for Anasazi beans. They are light and just slightly potato-like but they keep their shape and would be one of our first choices for a chili bean. We also enjoy them as a classic charro bean, cooked simply and then finished with bacon, tomatoes and maybe a little stale beer. 

Vaqueros are also known as Orca beans but so are several other beans. Vaquero really look like horses more than whales!

  • Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris
  • Country of production: USA
  • 16oz bag, dried beans

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