Unique Greek Sage
Unique Greek Sage

Unique Greek Sage

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This robust variety of sage (Salvia fruticosa) is found everywhere across the Aegean Sea islands. One of its main differences from common European sage is a more intense taste and fragrance. Interestingly enough, it tends to smell stronger when it grows in arid soils. The Daphnis and Chloe selection comes from an organic farm in Crete, where all herbs are processed by hand. Use in cooking or as a tea.

Sage brings a balance to poultry, game, pork roasts, or herbed butter. This variety makes a mark even when used in tiny quantities. Add leaves in cooking and discard before serving. Alternatively, grind along with coarse salt and black pepper to sprinkle over butter and anchovy bruschettas.

The infusion of sage has been one of Greece’s most popular herbal teas for centuries. In Crete, it is a popular belief that the locals owe their longevity to the herb! 

To make Sage tea, you’ll need a teaspoon (0.5g) per teacup, dosage on taste. Simmer for 5mins 95C, covered. Strain and serve alone or with honey.

Folklore herbal medicine suggests lemon and honey infused sage as an excellent remedy for the flu.

  • 14g/0.49oz jar

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