N˚05 Evergreen | Candle
N˚05 Evergreen | Candle
N˚05 Evergreen | Candle
N˚05 Evergreen | Candle
N˚05 Evergreen | Candle

N˚05 Evergreen | Candle

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As far back as you can remember, and then a little further still. You can see your breath as you exhale on a bright winter morning. The rich aroma of fallen pine fills the air, evoking memories of days long past.

The Experience

Burning EVERGREEN is a nostalgic, uplifting experience that you'll only need to smell once to believe. Light any time of day to instantly create the loveliest atmosphere when it's crisp and cold outside. Fir needle, cypress and cozy cedarwood combine with notes of raspberry and peppermint to create a creamy, mood-boosting scent that you'll want to burn all winter long.

Fragrance Profile

  • TOP NOTES: Eucalyptus, fir needle, peppermint
  • MIDDLE NOTES: Cypress, cinnamon, clove, raspberry
  • BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, patchouli, sugar

Ingredients and Burn Time

  • 8.5 oz
  • Hand poured in Los Angeles
  • ~50 hours of burn time
  • Soy blend wax
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
Lavune Founder's Note

"I set out to create the perfect holiday candle, and this is it. 'Evergreen' is what I want my house to smell like the entire month of December. Pine based scents can be too sharp, but this candle is so balanced with a creamy, comforting undertone. An instant mood booster and truly the very best pine scented candle I have ever smelled."–Emily Schuman

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