Deluxe Surprise Ball | Orange
Deluxe Surprise Ball | Orange

Deluxe Surprise Ball | Orange

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Unwind colorful crepe paper ribbons and discover vintage-inspired toys, gifts and keepsakes!

The Christmas Story of the Orange
In days gone by, sometimes toys, candies, and especially fresh fruit were rare. Receiving an orange in the toe of a stocking was an enormous gift. It was a way every child had at least one sweet present to open on Christmas morning. Orange segments represent the ability to share what you had with others.

Surprises vary by style and may include: gemstone or crystal, vintage-inspired toy, charm, sweet, crown, temporary tattoo, confetti popper, your good fortune and more.

A cultural icon, originally a popular toy in the 1950s. Unwinding a Surprise Ball is memorable fun for both adults and kids.

  • Contains 12 prizes
  • 4" x 4" x 4"

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