The Tzinquaw | Handmade Fragrance

The Tzinquaw | Handmade Fragrance

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This handmade fragrance is made by the super talented Indigenous maker behind the brand, Quw'utsun' Made. This specific fragrance is inspired by the Quw'utsun' Tzinquaw story.

“The story goes that Quw’wutsun’ people were starving because the Killer Whale prevented the Salmon from coming up the Cowichan River. So the people prayed day after day, until finally their prayers were answered. The Tzinquaw (Thunderbird) came and picked up the Killer Whale & deposited it on Mt. Tzouhalem. The Salmon started coming up the river again. The Tzinquaw (Thunderbird) is our saviour and protector of our people.”

Top notes of Bay Leaf and Fir Needle mingle with Cedarwood & crisp Bergamot to reveal a warm Tobacco base. A fresh and clean aroma for both men & women.

  • Phthalate, Paraben, SLS free! Vegan.
  • All fragrances are unisex, however The Tzinquaw is more on the masculine side.
  • 1oz glass bottle

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