Halva Coated Pecans
Halva Coated Pecans

Halva Coated Pecans

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Meet the newest addition to the Seed + Mill lineup! These super crunchy, freshly roasted pecans, coated in sweet sesame halva, make for a perfect sweet snack or gift for your favorite halva nut.


Halva coated pecans: pecans, halva (sesame paste, sugar, glucose, saponaria extract, citric acid).

  • Contains: pecan nuts, sesame seeds
  • Halva nuts last for 4-6 months when stored in a cool, dry place, but we hope you eat them all before then!
  • We don't recommend freezing the halva nuts, as it will damage the delicate texture. Do not leave in a warm or sunny place as the halva will start to soften.

*Please note that this product is now certified kosher by the NFC, which is reflected on the packaging. The batch in some of these images are certified by the rabbinate of Ashdod.

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